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Asthi Jivak |WELCOME TO MY BLOG|Asthi Jivak ™ - The Best Cure for all Muscular and Knee / Joint Pains.|REVOLUTIONARY KNEE PAIN RELIEF FORMULA

AsthiJivak ™ - Treatment for Knee Pain | Joint Pain Relief Oil & Paste |

Asthi Jivak :-  ASTHIJIVAK oil & paste is a ayurvedic treatment for different types muscular and joint pains, specifically for Knee pain.

Joint pains, especially knee pain, are a result of constant act of gravity pulling your weight and wear and tear due to activity. Both these factors are unavoidable, so is knee pain at some point in your life. However, keeping it in control or not let it become debilitating is something which can be worked upon. The basic knee structure consists of two lower bones, tibia and fibula, and an upper bone, femur, meeting at the knee joint forming a joint space. This joint space is padded by a cartilaginous surface and some viscous fluid to allow movement and lubrication. There are ligaments holding the joint together as well as muscles allowing the movement. Now the problem starts when after years of carrying your body weight the cartilaginous surfaces wears out and bone gets on bone without any padding to absorb the impact. Further with time, the degeneration occurs on the surface leading to osteophytes or bony spurs growing up. These are small bony growth on the knee joint surface, hindering movement and resultant discomfort and pain.

The treatment varies depending on the condition of knee. If the development is in nascent stage, little to no intervention is needed. However, when the discomfort increases, various treatment modalities can be implemented. These include supplementation to slow down degeneration, specific exercises to reduce load bearing, increasing lubrication at the joint, pain management by NSAIDs or steroids, regeneration of cartilage to improve padding, or in worst-case scenarios knee replacement with an artificial metal-composite knee.

The external modalities can be helpful in supplementation, increasing lubrication as well as pain management as skin is a porous sheath with ability to absorb elements if applied over. Herbal medicines can play a role here too as their inherent properties are beneficial in all three external modalities, namely supplementation, lubrication, as well as pain management. The organic extracts are proven to produce strong therapeutic effect without any side effects, and that’s one miracle word, as NSAIDs and other pain management drugs have their own associated troubles.

One such herbal or Ayurveda-inspired product, which is said to be 175 years old preparation specifically for knee pain, Asthijivak was tested by us and found to be effective. Rapid results made us doubt the preparation, if it contains some modern pharmaceutical chemicals, but further studies made us believe that it is not the case and the product in fact is by a registered manufacturer having all statutory approvals and clearances. So we recommend it for three valid reasons, first it is a herbal product making it a safe choice, second it is tried and tested so results are for all to see, and third its results are sustainable unlike modern pain relievers.

Hopefully, we’ll be having an even simpler cure in days to come, but for now it is good to try something which is in sync with our roots, i.e. Ayurveda

More Information and Buy Now Asthi Jivak Oil & Paste visit now  & Call Now  +91 922-915-3060 +91 922-910-0256.

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  1. I am thinking to buy it but after reading posts I have a doubt now.

    1. you can go with Asthijivak.
      it's 100% authentic and original product. for more information about product please visit our website


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