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Asthijivak : A Safe, Natural & Permanent Knee Pain Relief Treatment |

There is an array of causes of knee pain that vary from person to person. Well, for specific treatments, It’s quite important to know the exact cause/symptom of the pain you are experiencing. For example, knee gets easily injured by the continuous strain on tendons, ligaments or muscles. Also, if the soft tissue gets overstretched or inflamed due to jumping or running, It leads to severe pain. A lateral stress on your knee joint interfering with the normal range of movement is another cause that leads to knee pain ranging from mild to chronic.

Desk jobs, long hours of sitting, lack of workouts and irregular eating habits are few common causes that trigger knee pain problems. Ayurvedic treatment for knee pains is one of the best solutions you can pick to get permanent relief because it aims at removing the root cause of problem rather than curing it temporarily.

About Asthijivak :- Asthijivak is an all-natural oil and lep specifically for all kinds of knee pain problems. It has been prepared from the rare medicinal plant extracts like gwarpatha, nirgundi, haldi, arand, paan, etc. that increase lubrication in the joints by reaching beneath the skin through gentle massage.

You need to apply Asthijivak oil and lep on the affected area by massaging in circular motion. Consistent usage of this knee pain cure will help you get rid of painful and inflamed joints. One of the biggest benefits of Asthijivak is that it has no side effects. Each ingredient present in it has been carefully chosen by the ayurvedic gurus to render best possible results in lesser time.

Asthijivak Price :- Online Price  Rs.3060/- (  Logistic & Convenience charges Rs. 200/- Extra ( In India) )
                             Cash on Delivery Rs.3400/- (  Logistic & Convenience charges Rs. 200/- Extra ( India) )

                             Overseas Delivery $125 (  Logistic & Convenience charges $15 Extra (Out Side India) )

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