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Asthijivak : The Most Trusted Natural Knee Pain Relief Solution |

Your tiny knee is prone to various problems ranging from mild problem to a progressive ability. The term ‘mild or transient’ means the problem that arises suddenly; from a sudden twisting of the knee due to fall or collision. The most common problems affecting knee joints due to stress, sprains or tears of the soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments, menisci or cartilage. These soft structures may get damaged because of a single incidence or repeated minor trauma known as ‘overuse injury’.

Especially, the old age persons whose bones have been weakened by osteoporosis are more prone to chronic knee pain problems. The acute knee pains generally develop within minutes to hours after the injury occurs. This may result in abnormal sensations, swelling, stiffness, inflammation, immobility or pain within the knee. This results in sudden ‘pop up or crackling sound.

Asthijivak is an Ayurvedic oil and lep which is very effective in all kinds of mild as well as chronic knee pain problems. It contains rare plant extracts such as ajwain, paan, nirgundi, etc. that penetrates deeper into the skin and relieves pain just after few days of application. Asthijivak is an age old joint pain relief oil and lep whose natural ingredients were discovered by Pt. Sri Ram Sharma around 175 years ago.

Asthijivak is a popular knee pain relief treatment which not only relieves pain but also aims at eradicating the root cause of problem while boosting the musculature. This herbal remedy is ideal to treat all kinds of knee pain problems and is extremely safe.

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