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Asthijivak : Extremely Effective in all Kinds of Knee Pain Problems |

The nature and location of knee pain varies as per the cause of your problem. A few common symptoms include popping noise coming out of knee, inability to bend, pain, stiffness & inflammation, weakness, redness or instability. We have heard several people complaining about crunching noises coming from knees. Well, if the sound is pain-free, there is absolutely nothing to worry because many a times, the reason of this sound is the loose bodies floating around.

Pop sound accompanied by knee pain or swelling requires keen attention. One of the most common causes of this is chondromalacia patella, a condition occurring due to an injury. Another common cause includes dislocated kneecap. Sounds without injury may be related to ligament tear. These sounds; especially in old age, simple mean that he synovial fluid present between the bone joint is reducing; leading to bone friction. This may also be caused due to degenerative disease or wear and tear due to aging. All these causes have a one-stop solution – Asthijivak oil and lep that will solve each problem effectively and safely.

Asthijivak is a boon specifically for knee joints that help calcify bone damage, enhance lubrication in the joints and increase joint warmness. It is natural oil & lep blended with optimum grade ingredients such as nirgundi, akarkara, kutki, kasaundhi, rasna, haldi, ajwain, etc. The special action of this ayurvedic knee pain relief medicine relieves muscle pain; knee pain and muscle tear effectively. With natural healing properties, this is suitable for all age groups.

Asthijivak Price :-

 Online Price  Rs.3060/- (  Logistic & Convenience charges Rs. 200/- Extra ( In India) )

  Cash on Delivery Rs.3400/- (  Logistic & Convenience charges Rs. 200/- Extra ( India) )

  Overseas Delivery $125 (  Logistic & Convenience charges $15 Extra (Out Side India) )

Asthijivak, as the name suggests, is enriched with finest quality extracts to render positive results in lesser time. Free from any sort of side effects, this original oil is available only on

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