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Asthijivak : A Permanent Knee Pain Relief Solution Available Only at 2100/-

Today, knee pain has become a widespread problem regardless of your age. Out of all causes, menisci tear is one of the most common problems that relates to cartilage inside your knee joint. There are 2 menisci present in your knee joint: 1 inside (medial) and other (lateral). Basically, menisci work as a shock-absorbing cartilage that provides your knee the stability and shock-absorbing capacity. The menisci functions as a soft cushion to reduce pressure on the knee and other cartilage (articular cartilage). This is present at both the ends of bones in your knee joint. Menisci tear is a major cause of knee pain problem because if it gets injured, the pressure on the knee gets increased and the whole knee joint becomes quite unstable. Apart from this, chronic knee pain problems cause severe pain, swelling & inflammation. Though most of these are due to age-related factors, there are few other factors that may trigger the problem irrespective of this:

  • Obesity
  • Overexertion
  • Any previous accidental injury.

Thankfully, we are blessed with the nature’s fastest healing cure –Ayurveda that helps relieve the knee pain problems permanently. Asthijivak is one such knee pain relief solution that cures the problem instantly without any side effects. Prepared in the form of an amazing lep and natural oil, by mixing several plant extracts such as nirgungi, rasna, paan, haldi, etc., it not only helps get rid of pain in the affected area but also strengthens the surrounding musculature.

Asthijivak is a generations-old knee pain relief formula that has been used by the people all over the world to cure acute & chronic knee pain problems.
Asthijivak is now available at a festive season discount of 2100/- only (inclusive of shipping charges) !

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