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100% Original Knee Pain Relief Remedy by Saptaishi Herbals |

5000 years ancient system of Ayurveda provides effective treatment for knee pain. According to Ayurveda view, the biggest cause of knee pain is the accumulation of ama. Further, there is a reduction in the amount of synovial fluid as you age and this simply leads to several knee pain problems. ‘Agnimandya’ is the term used for excess ama in human body. The reduction in the amount of fluid leads to bone friction and cause pain, stiffness and swelling in several joints, specifically knee. High amount of ama leads to arthritis and may interfere in your daily life tasks. Knee pain is becoming the most common joint pain problem seen regardless of age and other factors. Knee pain may be temporarily due to physical exertion, strain or due to injury like cartilage tear or ligament. There are many chronic knee pain problems like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, septic arthritis, bursitis, infection, gout, osteoarthritis,etc.

Common signs and symptoms of knee pain:
Redness over the affected area
Different amounts of pain and tenderness in knee joint.
Swelling or soreness
Unable to bend or move freely.
Inability to bear body weight.
Asthijivak oil and lep is 100% original knee pain relief remedy by Saptarishi Herbals that show anti-inflammatory action over the knee area and gives soothing relief. It contains a number of potent natural herbs that show miraculous action in curing knee pain:

Nirgundi: It strengthens overall musculature.
Akarkara: Improves blood circulation over the affected area.
Kutki: Best for knee joint recovery and pain relief.
Rasna: One of the best herbs that reduce ama
Ajwain flower: Best for acute and chronic knee pains.

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